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Sublime seascapes... or perhaps a better way to describe them: wavescapes

June 2021


Drum roll, oil in canvas by artist Ramsay Gibb (Ireland/England)

I grew up near the sea and it is always part of my being, part of my history.

Whenever I see seascapes, I am always attracted to them in some way.

Over the last year, I have spent so much time looking at art by artists whose works I am not familiar. I've calculated that I've viewed at least 2,000 works a week, so I have probably seen over 100,000 works over the year.

Many have been seascapes of varying ability and success.

However, none that I have seen over this period has prepared me or matched my reaction to the work of Ramsay Gibb.

Ramsay takes seascapes to a totally new level.

Ramsay's paintings are all oil on canvas and take months to complete. When you look at them, you can see the time that must be involved in creating such masterworks, or should I more correctly say masterpieces?

These works are not simply realistic, or perhaps more correctly hyper-realistic, but when I look at them I can feel the waves... I feel their volume, mass as well as their power and the temperature of the water.

In my opinion, these works are best described as portraits of waves. They are wavescapes.

Ramsay is a UK-based artist who has been working on his wavescapes for the last 2 to 3 years. As Ramsay says:

"What is portrayed is a fraction of time but the painter must understand the moments before and after, the complete motion of which it was a small part. It is only by investing many hours and layering paint that the beauty and complexity of that instant can be revealed."

Ramsay has been exhibiting since 1994 at numerous galleries in the UK.

Now is the time to introduce his work to the world. In my opinion, Ramsay is a world class artist.

The work featured in this email, Drum roll, is his latest creation.

Drum roll, oil in canvas by artist Ramsay Gibb (Ireland/England)
Drum roll, oil in canvas by artist Ramsay Gibb (in situ)

Size: 160cm x 180cm
Medium: Oil on canvas

This truly is a masterpiece!

Send me a reply to get more information about this painting and other works by Ramsay Gibb,
Anthony Smith and the asart team

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