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New artworks and a market with potential for growth

June 2020


The time in isolation has been an opportunity for many to reflect on life, and this includes our surroundings. In my case it has enabled me to spend time looking at art that is truly important to me. Works that have touched me and still do. The extra time has also allowed me to connect with a number of artists – it's always fabulous to see new works.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to the work of Claudio Giulianelli.

An Italian artist from Rome, Claudio lives in Corchiano, a small village of Etruscan origin near Rome. He has been exhibiting since 1975 in private galleries, public galleries and art fairs from Columbia to China!

His work has a romantic feel, is very Italian in its subject matter, with a recognisable Italian heritage, yet truly international.

Claudio's artworks are also amazingly affordable, like the one below:

Un Amore Bellissimo by artist Claudio Giulianelli (Italy)
Un Amore Bellissimo (A Beautiful Love)
Claudio Giulianelli
Acrylic and oil on canvas laid on board, 40cm x 50cm

Another joy is to receive new work from Douglas Stewart. I absolutely adore Douglas's artworks – so much so that I have one in my own collection. I regard him as one of the most creative, original and talented artists in the world today.

Douglas's inspiration comes from TV in the late 50s and early 60s. He sees the same interference (unknown today) across some of his images and the lack of a clear picture. These are such original and evocative works with subtle messages imbedded in the subject.

This is his latest work:

Gulls by artist Douglas Stewart (Canada/United States)
Douglas Stewart
Oil on canvas, 152cm x 152cm
(view other works by Douglas Stewart)

Finally, we have also started a division dealing with traditional art (not contemporary traditional) from the early 19th century.

I see this as a very undervalued part of the market with amazing works at bargain prices.

An example is John Noble Barlow (1861–1917). Barlow was a very popular artist at the turn of the 20th century, yet today, like so many of that era, his works are not well known.

Barlow studied in Paris, Belgium, the Netherlands and in New York City. He emigrated to the USA in 1887 and lived in Providence, Rhode Island, but later returned to the UK, settling in St Ives, Cornwall.

Autumnal Sunset by artist John Noble Barlow (England)
Autumnal Sunset
John Noble Barlow
Oil on canvas, 30.5cm x 40cm

To purchase any of these works or for more information, please contact Anthony Smith.

Please, stay well and enjoy your art.

Anthony Smith and the asart team

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