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Winter's call

September 2014


Winter's Call by Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)
Winter's Call,
by Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)
synthetic polymers on linen, 150cm x 120cm

Occasionally, when new artworks arrive, I am just stunned. I have to stop whatever I am doing and take the time to absorb the work. This doesn't happen often; when it does, it's a moment that makes me realise why I love art so very much.

This brings me to Pairoj Karndee, an artist who is now gaining recognition internationally.

Detail of Winter's Call by Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)

Pairoj Karndee always creates artworks that I need to sit and contemplate, if for no other reason other than their technical brilliance.

He spends approximately one month on a painting, meticulously working away even at the smallest detail, to achieve what I regard as arguably some of the finest contemporary artworks anywhere.

Detail of Winter's Call by Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)

Pairoj is also one of the most humble and gentle people I know. A devoted husband and father.

His humanity and gentle nature show through in the emotions rendered on the faces of his subjects.

Rather than say more, I would like to invite you to look at his latest work, Winter's Call, and the detail images added to this message. Amazing.

Detail of Winter's Call by Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)

This is a major work (150cm x 120cm) and undoubtedly one of his finest.

Please do contact me if you would like further information about Pairoj Karndee or any of our artists, or to purchase this wonderful work.
Anthony Smith and the asart team

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