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A new year with Pimpisa Tinpalit

February 2014


Be Who You Are by Asian artist Pimpisa Tinpalit (Thailand)
Be Who You Are,
by Asian artist Pimpisa Tinpalit (Thailand)
fibreglass, hand painted, 55cm x 50cm x 30cm, edition 1/1 (unique edition)

Firstly, from our team at asart, wishes for a Healthy and Happy 2014 and for a Prosperous Year of the Horse.

In 2014, we will introduce a number of new contemporary Asian artists to you. These are artists whom we feel have real substance and will or who are already making a mark and artists whose work we really feel strongly about.

The first artist is sculptor Pimpisa Tinpalit.

Her works explore the emotional aspect of our existence in a very original and thought provoking manner. As Pimpisa says of the inspiration for her work "one can contemplate the relationships between man and woman, cultural body dysmorphism, and concepts of personal boundaries and distance."

Pimpisa has an MA in Fine Art (Sculpture) and extensive art teaching experience in a number of universities in Thailand.

She has been a professional artist for 12 years with solo and group exhibitions in Thailand, Japan, the United States and Australia.

She has also produced several public sculptures in Thailand.

View Pimpisa's awards, exhibitions and residencies.

We at asart are strong supporters of emerging artists and feel that Pimpisa is worthy of international recognition.

As such, we will be exhibiting Pimpisa's works in a number of international art fairs in 2014.

If you need more information, we are always pleased to provide it.
Anthony Smith and the asart team

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