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More exciting images from Asia

December 2011


Firstly, Art Canton was an interesting experience and confirmed our belief that every major city in China is as diverse as one country is from another.

The really outstanding success story in Canton was for works by our new Chinese artist, Simao (Tse Mao) Huang, and also works by Utomo S and Pairoj Karndee.

Reports were coming through that these 3 artists created the most interest at the fair and, despite our requests for no photographs, these works were singled out for attention by covert photographers!

What we also found interesting was the new found appreciation of works from the total Asian region, not just China. This too has been confirmed by major sales and record breaking results in major Southeast Asian art auctions in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The market for Southeast Asian art is starting to really be a worldwide trend.

For this newsletter, we thought we would like to introduce you to Pairoj Karndee, a 30-year-old artist from Thailand.

Emerald Girl by Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)
Emerald Girl,
Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)
synthetic polymer on canvas, 130cm x 130cm

His works are quite simply spectacular; so much so, that we have pre-ordered all his artworks for 2012.

However, each individual work that Pairoj produces takes in excess of 1 month, so the number of works available during the year will be limited.

We see his success as eclipsing most of his contemporaries, particularly as his works are exquisite, quite rare (due to the time involved in painting them) and because at present they are very affordable.

Please please contact us for information on Pairoj or on any of our artists.
Anthony Smith and the asart team

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