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Karuna, Pairoj and Naata: fabulous artworks

October 2011


Bodhi Reflection by Asian artist Karuna Panumes (Thailand)
Bodhi Reflection,
by Asian artist Karuna Panumes (Thailand)
oil on canvas, 155cm x 114cm

With all the gloom and doom being reported in the press, it is refreshing to share positive news and results: asart was presented with the Most Influential Galleries 2011 award by the Ministry of Culture in Beijing (China) in August. This was totally unexpected and was wonderful to receive as a tangible recognition of the quality of the artists whom we have the honour to represent.

Interest is mounting in the art of Southeast Asia as evidenced by the enquiries and the feedback we are getting, as well as sales, from around the world.

It is pleasing that our Australian Aboriginal art is also generating a large number of enquiries and sales, again internationally.

We have the pleasure of presenting 3 new Asian artworks, as well as a major Australian Aboriginal work by Naata Nungurrayi.

Karuna Panumes – We were pleased to introduce Karuna Panumes in August and her artworks have been an immediate success with all of them being sold.

Karuna has just completed 2 new paintings – absolutely fabulous artworks (as you can see above and below). We feel that the future for Karuna in the international arena is very positive. Her works are just exquisite.

Meditation by Asian artist Karuna Panumes (Thailand)
by Asian artist Karuna Panumes (Thailand)
oil on canvas, 102cm x 76cm

Pairoj Kandee – We also have been able to acquire new work from Pairoj Kandee. His paintings are meticulous and take up to one month to complete.

We have little doubt that Pairoj will achieve international recognition, especially as we are promoting his artwork in major international art fairs.

The following painting has just been delivered to asart by Pairoj and is available for purchase. It is a superb example of his art.

Red Apsara by Asian artist Pairoj Kandee (Thailand)
Red Apsara,
by Asian artist Pairoj Kandee (Thailand)
synthetic polymer on canvas, 130cm x 130cm

Naata Nungurrayi – Finally, we have been very lucky to acquire an outstanding work by Naata Nungurrayi. For those familiar with her work, you will see that it is a very fine and typical work from this highly respected artist. For those who are not aware of Naata's reputation, she is widely collected by major public galleries in Australia and world wide.

Sadly, Naata is now getting frail and her works rarely appear on the market. We highly recommend a web search on Naata.

Snake Dreaming by Aboriginal artist Naata Nungurrayi
Snake Dreaming,
by Aboriginal artist Naata Nungurrayi
synthetic polymer on linen, 122cm x 102cm

If you would like further information regarding these or any artworks on our website, please contact us directly.
Anthony Smith and the asart team

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