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Report from Beijing

September 2011


Ohhhhh........ by Asian artist Simao (Tse Mao) Huang (China)
by Asian artist Simao (Tse Mao) Huang (China)
oil on linen, 130cm x 110cm

We are pleased to announce that asart had a highly successful showing in Beijing. The good news kept coming with strong sales and an award for Most Influential Gallery.

asart received strong press coverage too, appearing on Beijing TV as well as articles in the Global Times, a major Chinese newspaper group.

There was literally overwhelming interest in the works of our artists, with many sold paintings receiving numerous post sale offers higher than the asking price.

We were delighted to be named as part of the leading galleries at the expo, being cited as one of the top galleries showing at the event, which reinforces the quality of our artists.

  • Vichit Nongnual's "She" series received strong buyer interest, and a work by Utomo stealing the show as arguably the most photographed and popular painting at the fair!
  • Rearngsak Boonyavanishkul's work, as usual, received critical acclaim.
  • Karuna Panumes's works were widely admired with numerous buyers for her large Wistful.

Aboriginal art – For the first time, asart hung some Australian Aboriginal work and, although sales did not eventuate at the fair, the comments were encouraging and lead us to believe that it is only a matter of time until these works are accepted in China.

New artist – We have signed up a wonderful Chinese artist, Simao (Tse Mao) Huang, who we feel has huge potential. One of his works is displayed above. If you are interested, please contact us asap.

So now it's on to Art Canton in October!
Anthony Smith and the asart team

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