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Utomo S – A highly talented artist

June 2011


Shower by Asian artist Utomo S (Indonesia)
by Asian artist Utomo S (Indonesia)
oil on canvas, 200cm x 150cm

Having spent the last few weeks in London, it is always interesting to see the new art that is coming out from this hemisphere.

There are certainly some innovative artists here, but from all that I have seen, technically speaking they can't compare to what is coming out of Southeast Asia and China.

It reinforces my belief that we are now on the breakout of a massive creative art explosion based in Asia, having been started in China, but now moving beyond to the works being made in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the auction results of Southeast Asian art from the recent round of auctions in Hong Kong totally confirms this belief.

Our newest acquisition is another work of Utomo S (a smaller work was featured in an earlier newsletter) from 2009.

Utomo is a highly talented artist and one who is destined to make his mark.

If you are interested in this work, please contact us.

Anthony Smith and the asart team

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