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Vichit Nongnual's stunning new works

April 2011


She, of the Clouds by Asian artist Vichit Nongnual (Thailand)
She, of the Clouds,
by Asian artist Vichit Nongnual (Thailand)
synthetic polymers on canvas, 140cm x 160cm

Every so often, an artist just impresses with their creativity as well as their ability. Vichit Nongnual is one such artist. Humble and talented.

We are delighted to have secured 8 stunning works from Vichit Nongnual's new series, She.

Vichit reserved what he regarded as the finest works from this new series for asart. We agree that these are outstanding paintings.

We have shown his last series, Perfect Girl, in Shanghai and in New York, where they sold out.

This new series builds on the Perfect Girl theme, but adds the exoticism of Batik design and colour to the images.

Vichit's work is, in our opinion, seriously undervalued, particularly when one compares the quality of his paintings, yet alone the size, to what is available anywhere in the world. We are sure this will change.

Please contact us for further details.

Anthony Smith and the asart team

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