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Gwyn Faenol: a genuinely creative and original spirit

April 2010


Happy Man by Asian artist Gwyn Faenol (Thailand/Wales)
Happy Man,
by Asian artist Gwyn Faenol (Thailand/Wales)
brass, 54cm (height), 48cm (width) and 19cm (depth)

How rare is it to come across a genuinely creative and original spirit?

From our experience, it happens too rarely... But, when it does happen, it's an Eureka moment!

We have been lucky to acquire 4 sculptures from a Welsh artist living in Thailand: Gwyn Faenol. Gwyn's sculptures immediately evoke his Celtic tradition, yet they are undeniably based on his inherited Asian culture and his incorporation of everyday items in Asia, such as his use of seed fronds of native palm trees to create the horns of his mythological creatures.

These sculptures, one of which above, are unique in 2 ways:

  • there is only one of each
  • they are undeniably original.

Exotic, yet strangely familiar. Disturbing, yet somehow comforting.

These are brilliant sculptures by an artist who is breaking new ground.

Please go to Gwyn Faenol's page for more images or email me for more details.

Anthony Smith and the asart team

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