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We are changing!

April 2015


We are changing. Yes! It has been many years now that asart has only dealt in Asian art and Aboriginal art. However, over the last 2 years, there have been many artists painting in the West that have caught our eye, yet, because of our specialisation, we felt that to add them to our inventory would not have been ideal.

Well, in the last 3 months, 2 Western artists have grabbed our attention to the extent that we have to focus on a new area: Western Contemporary.

These 2 new artists are Douglas Stewart and Phil Couture.

Douglas Stewart is a US-based artist who takes us back to the early days of TV communication when often the image was distorted due to interference. Yet Douglas's works are so much more than just the rendering of this interference.

Mao by artist Douglas Stewart (Canada/United States)
by artist Douglas Stewart (Canada/United States)
oil on canvas, 213cm x 152cm

Firstly, and somewhat surprisingly, they are oil on canvas – not digitally enhanced. They are also large, original and attention grabbing. Spectacular works.

The interference too is symbolic of a flaw in the personality of the subject. Mao, Marilyn, Jackie Kennedy... All icons, yet (like us all) not perfect – flawed in some way.

These are spectacular works by an artist who we feel is on the verge of international acclaim.

Phil Couture is a Western artist living in Japan.

When I look at Phil's works, they remind me of paintings by tonal artists of the 1920s and 1930s, yet with a more modern feel and a unique subject matter: Geisha.

Abutsu-ni by artist Phil Couture (Canada/United States/Japan)
by artist Phil Couture (Canada/United States/Japan)
oil on linen, 99cm x 37cm

Phil's works are accomplished and show a level of skill not often found in contemporary Western portraiture. Added to that, Phil's works are mostly of a diminutive size. Delicately executed and intimate in both their subject matter and "feel".

We are committed to Phil's works and believe he, like Douglas, is on the cusp of much wider attention.

Finally, some news regarding Pairoj Karndee. He has completed the last instalment of his angel series (sold even before going online) and is now commencing a series titled Mermaids. We are excited by this, as each and every work by Pairoj always meets acclaim.

If you are interested in previewing Pairoj's first Mermaid later in April, please send me a reply.

Also, if there is any way we can assist you, please don't hesitate to email me.

Until next time, best wishes from
Anthony Smith and the asart team

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