Mortgaged, artwork by Asian artist Nur Khamim (Indonesia)The Buddha, Sapphire, Ayutthaya (left) and The Buddha, Ruby, Ayutthaya (right), artworks by Asian artist Seri Phuengporn (Thailand)Sapphire Apsara, artwork by Asian artist Pairoj Karndee (Thailand)Malikijarra Jukurrpa (Two Dogs Dreaming) 1219/14, by Aboriginal artist Murdie Nampijinpa Morris (Australia)Malikijarra Jukurrpa, by Aboriginal artist Murdie Nampijinpa Morris (Australia)Edge of Reason Series 2 #5, artwork by Asian artist Simao (Tse Mao) Huang (China)Wakirlpirri Jukurrpa (107cm x 76cm), by Aboriginal artist Liddy Napanangka Walker (Australia)Mininypa Jukurrpa (Native Fuchsia Dreaming) 107cm x 46cm, artwork by Australian artist Maggie Napaljarri Ross (Australia)Bali Reflection (left) and Shadows, artworks by Asian artist Karuna Panumes (Thailand)The Palace, artwork by Asian artist Rearngsak Boonyavanishkul (Singapore/Thailand)
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about asart

asart is the home of contemporary paintings and sculpture from China and South East Asia and artwork by indigenous Australian artists. With more than 30 years of experience, tertiary qualifications in Fine Art, extensive networks of both artists and international dealers, and committed to developing for his clients "collections rather than accumulations" of artwork, our director Anthony Smith is able to offer a rare level of experience, judgement and connoisseurship.

Every year asart introduces new work from Asia/Pacific to international buyers via major art fairs and exhibitions. In 2011, at the Beijing International Art Exposition, asart received the "Most Influential Gallery" award from the Ministry of Culture, People's Republic of China, in recognition of the quality and originality of the artists we exhibited.

Chinese and South East Asian art

The world's art collectors are now acquiring works from China and South East Asia's finest artists while they are still affordable. Their quality and originality assure that art from this region is the new frontier of artistic discovery. View fine examples of Asian art

Australian art

Indigenous (Aboriginal) artwork from Australia is one of the great movements of world art, yet it is based on traditions that go back some 40,000 years. Arguably, Australia has more internationally recognised artists per head of population than any country on earth!

Contemporary and modern South East Asian investment art

South East Asian art

Asian contemporary artThe entire world is rich with art and culture and it is best to enjoy as much of it as we possibly can. As well as famous pieces that have been known the world over for many generations, new artists are also contributing to the art that is available today. Anthony Smith acquires outstanding contemporary Asian wall art along with pieces from Australasia from the leading artists in the region.

With over 30 years of experience in selecting pieces from the very best artists in the region, Anthony has seen asart grow into one of the most respected galleries in the world today. With a network that is helping asart to obtain the very best modern South East Asian art, we have been supplying some of the finest public and private collections throughout the world.

With offices, galleries and representatives introducing the best in modern Asian art in locations across the world, asart are bringing Asian and Australasian art to collectors all over the world. With a guarantee that every single piece of art that is sold is genuine, investors will find asart to be one of the best resources for investments in art available.

Contemporary South East Asian art

Modern Asian artFor the very finest art from the greatest contemporary artists in Australasia and Asia, asart are the people to speak to. Established by art connoisseur Anthony Smith and with over 30 years of experience in locating and sourcing art from the region, asart know how to deliver quality every time. Having begun establishing contacts within the field of Asian contemporary art in the 1970s, asart are affiliated with the best artists, collectors and distributors in the region today.

With representatives in locations all over the world, asart are delighted to introduce collectors and investors from every corner of the globe to the best contemporary Asian art that can be found. With so much experience and an eye for spotting truly magnificent pieces, asart can be counted on to select only art that will compliment even the finest of collections.

Whether you looking for art to add to public displays in galleries or museums, or you are a private investor hoping to appreciate fine Asian art from your home, asart will have something very special for you. For the best Asian art in London and other major cities, asart are more than happy to be of service.

Asian investment art

Modern South East Asian artIdentifying the best art is often something that needs a trained and talented eye and asart have among the best that can be found. With decades of experience in sourcing and obtaining the best from artists from the Asian region, Anthony Smith has been delighting investors and collectors for many years. Anthony's experience and contacts help to ensure that every single piece of art that is selected by asart is genuine and of the very best quality.

With new pieces of South East Asian investment art being obtained all the time, Anthony Smith is always helping to establish some of the finest collections that can be found. With Anthony's vast experience and skill in choosing art from Asia collectors and investors will find his insight and advice something that will help them establish a very special collection indeed.

If you would like to contact Anthony directly then he will be more than happy to receive an email from you. Alternatively, representatives from asart in offices around the world will be more than happy to help you in any way that they can.

Investment Asian art

Asian investment artFinding pieces of art that represent a great investment is something that will take skill and experience. Not all art will turn out to be a sound investment so it is wise to turn to the help and advice of the experts whenever you can. With their knowledge of art and contacts in the field, connoisseurs will be able to help you find the best modern Asian investment art that can be found.

Anthony Smith has been helping investors to acquire art for more than 30 years with clients that are both private investors and buyers for public galleries. Such is Anthony's experience and knowledge that he has been awarded the prize of most influential gallery from the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

With guarantees that all pieces obtained are genuine and by the best artists today, you can be confident that through asart your art investment will be a wise one. Anthony Smith and representatives of asart have been supplying to investors and collectors for many years making them among the very best suppliers and advisors of art that can be found.

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